Frank E Hollywood is well-known for his paintings, but also for providing custom art service.The art service contains highly inventive customisation of objects, brand activation, art events, commissioned paintings, interviews or TV performances. He has built a portfolio with numerous clients, such as Spotify, Samsung, Esquire, Bjorn Borg and NTR TV shows.  

Collaborations & Brand Activations

Bjorn Borg - Masters of Luxery 
Marco Borsato - Villa Massa x Boretti 
Etos Cosmetics - Samsung Galaxy 


Jackie - Playboy 

Esquire - The International Correspondent

Metro - Gentlemans Watch 

Art Exhibitions

Tassenmuseum Hendrikje 

Villa Del Arte Galleries

Art'otel 5&33

TV Performances 

RTL Boulevard - Welcome Home 

Koffietijd - Dream School

3Lab Naakt - Sterren Op Het Doek